Exchange Server User CAL - Standard

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An Exchange Server Standard user client
access license (CAL) authorizes one user to access Exchange Server Standard or
Enterprise edition from any device. For example, an employee might access the
server from a computer at work and another at home.

This donation provides one Standard user
CAL. Standard device CALs for licensing computers and additive Enterprise CALs
(user and device) for accessing additional features are also available.

Additional Information

For additional information about Exchange
Server and the server and client licensing requirements, see the Guide
to Exchange Server Editions and Licensing

License Only

This license does not require media,
license keys, or setup codes.

CALs, ECLs, and management licenses (MLs)
offered through TechSoup are always for the currently
offered version
of the server software. However, these licenses can also be
used with earlier versions of the server software.

Software Assurance

Under the Software
Assurance program
, you have the right to install any new release of
products covered in the agreement during the term of your coverage.